Tuesday, May 08, 2007


i try not to study 1h before i sleep, cos if i do that i tend not to sleep well, because my mind is still racing something like a wrx sti or evo IX.

well done to the choir; the odds were not in your favour but u all did your best. and thats all that matters.

speaking of music, it appears that guitar orch will probably be quite different when it resumes, especially after syf. hopefully it will change for the better, and i'm quite optimistic it would. i just hope to see more effort on the part of the conductors, to develop not only the sound of the orch but also each individual guitarist as a true player. i don't mind if the orch can put off the learning of my (harder) arrangements if everyone can enjoy themselves and can really learn to be a good guitarist through playing simpler pieces. and of course i hope the teachers in charge would be more responsible and be there to help at the correct times.

i've also been thinking about the current music class. although i admit its not as cohesive as i'd like it to be, when i graduate i think i'd really miss all the music lessons we spent together. the masterpiece of bartok interspersed by out of point injections during ms ng's classes, the interesting world music (and comments) during mrs li's class, and how could i forget the lessons spent entirely on chasing people for homework.

but moreover i'd really miss the personality and talent of my classmates.. among them the ability to have perfect pitch to CHORDS, i wish i could have that any day; pianistic abilities and fingering techniques that far exceed mine, stunning knowledge not only in the classical genre but in jazz and pop too, and of course the emo music, inspiration of compo III, haha.

and even though i havent really started maths and the preparation for huckfinn and siddhartha test isn't looking too good, sometimes i think its just best to take the time off to relax a while.

the heat is crazy.


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