Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so

hello again.

and so the first week of may is past. that makes us a little more than half into term 2. sleep patterns are almost back to normal, although they were never normal to begin with, and tests are swarming in, with phys and econs past and english and maths incoming.

but of course with more time on my hands, i must say that life isnt so hectic and stressful as it was, with syf and stuff. speaking of guitar, 1st mvt of classical symphony is past phase 1 - arranging and phase 2 - spacing the score. now is phase 3 - fingering, which will be the most sian thing to do.. but i'm quite sure it will help in learning to the piece to a certain extent. the producers of sibelius should come up with a programme to find the best fingering for a guitar piece. haha.

these days i've been saying that i'm disappointed that i dont have as much time to play guitar as last time, and i dont even dare to call myself a real guitarist with the amount of time i put into practising as compared to last time, but then again i've never had as much fun playing guitar in my life. my guitar is getting more seasoned and its tone has never been better; i can more or less sight read anything grade 5 and below, and i can revive any exam piece within a week. i guess its also more fun to not practice a piece to death like what we did with double violin and take the a train. i get to actually enjoy the music that is coming out of my guitar, as compared to last time during atcl where i was just tired of the pieces by the time of the exams.

so which one is better: to not reach your real potential and have the opportunity to play and enjoy imperfect music as an when you please, or to push yourself all the way to be able to make good music but having to put in all the hard work and even neglecting the enjoyment of the music?

frankly i dont know. but one thing's for sure: i probably wont cut it as a recording artist, at least not in the next 8 years or so.

and within the next two years, i'd probably lose 80% of my playing ability that i've accumulated. but at least i'd still have a cert and a few recordings to reminisce about.

and now, its back to huck finn. >100 pages to go!! almost there.

tommy emmanuel's angelina is a great piece, if only the power tab weren't so messy.


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