Tuesday, May 29, 2007

con camp

well con camp so far has been quite fun... we've finally managed to complete bartok, and mrs li's lesson today was well.. extremely high.

complex numbers yesterday was oh so reminiscent of last year, light speed and not very high morale, and vectors today was also light speed. its all coming back slowly.. i hope. must practice the questions they gave.

if only school was like that.

but even at the start of the hols, i just know and feel theres no time already. i'm ready to forsake a few marks at mid years to push my ioc into safe waters. 10 poems, and 20 lear extracts.. thats a lot even if you mug 2 a day. which doesnt seem like its going to happen at the rate i'm going.

econs is probably going to be the most manageable at 4 chapters, maths needs practice, physics needs serious work, english is.. uh.. no comment, and music.. urh..... we'll see.

ns checkup tml. then after that its back to sch for more con camp fun.


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