Friday, May 18, 2007

classical music to impress, pop music to connect

hello, its been some time. long post coming up.

apart from massive fussing over phys pracs and econs ias, and in the process churning out another at least 1600 words, we've found the time in school in between lessons to just sit down and play the guitar. and of cos saying hi to brendan who's birthday was on sunday ;)

going back to guitar to see whats going on (and to clear up cas) was quite an interesting experience, going back on tuesday and opening the m2 door to find a bunch of sec 2s and 3s playing soccer with a tennis ball was well.. interesting. i heard ms ng called off practice tho, mr gaspar wasnt around. going back on thursday, there was a much more serene atmosphere as compared to previous times. plus the interesting piece chung cheng was playing for syf. haha.

this week i've been reading the book 'boy meets girl', and its written by a certain Joshua Harris. what i'm posting here isnt the best representation of the book, if you all get a chance you should go read it.

in the environment around us, we see many couples and people who get attached. but for what reason? why get attached now? so as to 'try' people out?

well honestly, i think that 80% of these relationships would not last. at this age, we do not have the maturity, or the financial capability to sucessfully commit to a relationship that will lead up to marriage. i cannot say for sure about this because i have not been in a situation myself, but i feel that these relationships are based on selfish interests, and thats why they cannot hold. starting a relationship so early when we're not ready for it merely sets up a trap for disaster, where the friendship of two people are damaged because of sharing too much emotions with each other, because of impatience to want to get close to each other too quickly.

well sure there are some like siddhartha who say 'i wont know how it feels like until i've been through it', and thats another point of view worth considering; yes you can go ahead and try it now, but i feel that we all are answerable to God on judgement day; what we did with our life, and that includes our youth.

well i guess my complete view of the issue cannot possibly be summed up in 1 blog post, but i feel that we all should use our youthful energy for better things than pursuing relationships that will collapse.


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