Thursday, May 24, 2007

and the last day of sch is finally approaching!!

throughout this week the attitude of 'the holidays is coming, i'll wait till then to set things in order' has been growing. which isnt the best thing. but lets face it, we need a break from all the IAs and tests.

in reality, i dont have much holidays to study for common tests. 1st wk i intend to attend some of the maths con camp sessions, and music must also go back. 5 june theres psychometric test, 6 - 9 church camp. and if you minus all the sundays (i dont like to do work on sundays), that isnt a lot of time. plus i also intend to focus on the IOC extracts, cos i think at the moment thats more important. mastering the syllabus can wait just a little longer.

after today i think we really cant compare sports with music competitions. in sports your opponent is up close, tangible, and there can only be one winner. or well at least thats what it seems. you cant really have a 'spirit of music' going around where there can be many golds and things about other teams you enjoy. music competitions are essentially a competition against ourselves, pitting ourselves with our potential to improve. sports? hmm.

well then i think thats it for today. really looking forward to the holidays to rest.


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