Tuesday, April 03, 2007

haha this is truly amazing.

heres the first link, everything else you need to see is linked on the right hand side column. to the person who posted this, thanks, you made my day :)

sometimes i really wonder what the point of all these worldly pursuits are. so much feelings involved.. and even if i revealed them all no one would really understand. maybe i just think too much.

but really.. correct me if i'm wrong.. music competitions/assignments should really be judged based on the amount of effort put in, and attitude towards the task. but of course thats seldom the case.

some pics to go, courtesy of weihan. thx :)

anyway, at the end of the day, i think one of the things i really will take away from all these experiences are the friends made. and the character moulded out of it.

and even though we couldnt watch each other's concerts (haha now you can watch mine now, at least bits of it), somehow i just get this feeling that the struggles we encounter with working with our music groups are so similar. well then all the best for ur push to syf. do ur best k? i'll do mine too.


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