Thursday, April 19, 2007

Guitar SYF 2007

hey all.

so, it's finally over.

and yes my final few words to them is so true..

'you all were retards, are retards, and will be retards forever.'

but for those 10 or so minutes we were on stage (and a few rare moments during ALL the practice sessions we had), we put our retardedness on hold.

really, as i said, we don't deserve our award. it is probably by God's grace that i can leave the guitar orch with something sweet. God answered my prayer through all those tuesdays and thursdays that i was feeling so, so down, just praying that something good would come out of all my commitment.

but more importantly, i think those in the senior comm and a few other committed members of our orch deserved it. thx y'all.

but moreover, there are other things that are worth talking about.

1) choreography should be banned, really. i have ABSOLUTELY ENOUGH of fake smiles, head jerks that imitate flamenco dancers, hands that follow through when you pluck the string as if you're hitting a tennis ball with ur nail, and coordinated bobbing, and coordinated swaying, and who knows what. it's highly unethical, in my opinion. if you want to move to express yourself, do it naturally.

2) having a guitarist on the panel makes such a difference lol. this morning there were 4 gwh out of 20, and 5 out of 14 for jc cad. even though i didnt hear him say any words, or talk to him, i just get this feeling that he's a really nice guy. lololol.

3) hey junior orch, don't be so disappointed. you all did your best and i heard that today's performance was one of the better ones. and that's all that really matters. the judge's opinion is a poor measure of the amount of effort you all put in, and this goes for all the other sch's that are disappointed. really, you all are more disciplined, and i think you all sacrificed more time and effort for the competition than your senior group, so well done. thanks for playing my arrangement of prelude in gm well.

4) hey dun hao, it was really nice seeing you playing today with vjc, as the concert master, and b minor concerto soloist; you played real well. don't be disappointed with ur award okay? you did ur best and you know it. i could really see you all moving NATURALLY to brazillian street dance, and i think you all were really enjoying urselves. it doesnt matter if the judges think you all our not as good as other schools. ur ensemble spirit really showed through at the end, when you all gave that loud cheer despite ur disappointment. and that's all that matters.

5) also saw old guitar friends carl who's in acjc and joshua paundra who's in sajc now. haha take care y'all.

6) finally, i cannot help feeling extremely overjoyed for my guitar teacher, mr terence choo. his 3 schools were once left in a poor state by their previous conductors. but, today, all 3 schools received gold with honours. and mind you, st anthony's cannosian, acjc, and tpjc are the only 3 schools mr choo takes. that makes a clean sweep haha. i know how much mr choo worked for this syf, and how much effort he put into cultivating his students. he makes the effort to make sure everyone plays properly, no one finger antics or poor technique whatsoever. during the march hols, when i went to judge a mini competition he held, i just knew that we were no match for st anthony's cannosian. and indeed they've proven themselves. i'm really really glad that the judges looked beyond the fact that acjc were playing simpler pieces and didnt use percussion, but rather saw the extent of their neatness and expression. and they really do deserve their gwh, all 3 schs. even though they were competing against each other, at the end i noticed tpjc cheering for acjc. i will never forget the spirit of music mr choo carries, and creates. i'm sure mr choo isn't paid as highly as a lot of his peers, nor does he enjoy the normal type of life a doctor or lawyer or any other professional enjoys, but i'm sure on days like this, it's all worth it. congrats sir.

7) to all the philharmonic people, haha dont be too pressured k? ms ng told us that we were not supposed to let the news get out so quickly, later u all become very stressed. but somehow you all found out even before the senior admin. don't worry about the results, just play ur best. all the best for tml!!


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