Tuesday, April 24, 2007

after reading a few other syf guitar participant's blogs, well i'm glad to say that the guitar scene in singapore is really picking up.

the spirit of music is there, (most) groups still keep the spirit up despite not meeting their expectations at the syf.

not to mention some groups that get gold with honours get to present themselves to the school during assembly (so cool), and are putting unnecessary pressure on other musical groups that are competing at a later date (haha mx and yd, dont so stress lah)

well and as for me, although i'm officially exempted from guitar practices for, well, forever.. the guitar ensemble will always be an integral part of my life (1.. 2.. 3.. awww) and ms ng is still chasing me for the cheque lol. perhaps i might come back and play a bit and do stuff with the guit orch, and also do stuff with mr choo's schools thats for sure.

it's kind of like my mode for expression. i've composed for piano, small chamber groups but really, i feel the greatest sense of achievement when i arrange something for guitar ensemble, regardless of whether people like or can play my arrangements or not. i can see the results the most immediately, and i can use my imagination to the max. but getting the imagined result is a different story of course. sometimes sibelius plays better than the real thing.

and the gavotta, 3rd movement of classical symphony is almost done. and for the first time, almost complete with fingering haha. let's see how far it can go.

and mann.. my standard of english is really dropping. relying too much on spell check already.


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