Thursday, March 15, 2007



after today, i have seen what Gold with Honours really is. even if i told you, you wouldn't understand anyway. the only way you would would be for you to be where i was today and watch the performance that joshua lim and i watched. Watched, heard, felt.

all i wanted to do was to do my best to get you all to play at the highest level possible. i'm sorry that i did not realise this earlier, when the problems were probably easier to solve.

perhaps its too late already. i can give no more pep talks to discipline you all already; they will just go in through one ear and come out the other, and would turn me into a bad guy.

since chances are that we wont win the highest award already, let's just try our best to give our all for the SYF. kenneth yeo, eugene, edwin, matthew, ian, andre, shaun lim, josh sum, shao wei, amos, shane, benlee, jon wong, john foo, lejon, jhan, timms, dalton.. we all have to play as one. demolish the apathetic acs pride and submit ourselves to create a unified sound.

i have heard the standard. and let me tell you that it was nothing short of perfect.

let's just put up a good fight. and then we can say with all our hearts that we've given our best. and then the award would not matter anymore, because we would be victors and recepients of the Gold with Honours award in our own right.

i know how ironic it is that whoever needs to see this will not.

so please, give me a reason to feel good about sacrificing my time, going through so much pain, and compromising on the technical prowess that i once had in the past year.

and to eugene, ian, andre, edwin, and shaun lim:
you all have, in your own right, won the Gold with Honours award already. thank you for your outstanding commitment. whatever the outcome of the syf, nothing will change that.


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