Monday, February 26, 2007

well i told myself i'd create a post today.

to cut a long story short, yes i did pass my ATCL.

but what is ATCL? what is it in the eyes of God? i was reading a devotion (in anticipation of a failure, my anxiety was getting to me) before mr choo arrived at 9, and it was about significance and achievements.

our worldly achievements do not make us significant in the eyes of God, and the only reason why we are significant is because we are his children. am i any more happy now that i have passed the exam? well i cant say i'm ecstatic. relieved.. but the heart has endless desires.

i really thank God for helping me through the difficult practice sessions that i went through last year, and for answering my prayers before the exam last year.

finally, i'd like to add another statement to my list of 'music is not's.

music is not about obtaining an ATCL certificate.


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