Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the lonely guitarist

ya know, at times like this, i just wish i had yd and mx in music class with me again.

anyway, on a lighter note, guitar orchestra is FINALLY having a concert.

so pls come, it will probably be my last concert with the ACSI gtr orch, so yeah there will be solos (i hope). we'll be playing the usual ultra fast spanish stuff (that no one can play cleanly), and also come and hear the prelude in g minor (originally for piano, transcribed to gtr orch), quite a breakthrough, its starting to sound quite good (by junior orch though). also, expect some non-conventional songs (electric light orchestra), and a proposed piano concerto (proposed cos the orchestra hasnt even seen the score, and also because there are 10 guitar parts). featuring ms ng shau ching as soloist. lol.

k then thats all for now. tmls founders day woohoo half day.


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