Thursday, February 08, 2007

ian, i am not a rainbow king and ur lucky i was intending to update tonight anyway.

it's been some time since i had time.. and felt happy enough to update this blog. so perhaps a slightly longer entry today.

today was tok presentations, and i'm kinda glad i went first, got to present to some year 5s and also got the initial onslaught of a judging panel that was still fresh and rather alive (unlike towards the end). and after today, i must say, tok lessons (or specifically the tutorials) are one of the few things i will miss when i leave the school. moreover, i'll really really really miss having ms thiru as a teacher.

it's funny how we always complain about how tough things are at the moment, yet when we look back somehow we only remember the good things. hmm.

today we got back our music composition 3. and yes u can rant at me for my mark, but i realise that, really, if you've given ur best at ur compo, and you've expressed what you've really wanted to express, it is already a work of art when you hand it up. when it comes back with a mark, the only difference is that it now has the opinion of someone attached, and that opinion is made based on some rubrics put together by this thing called the IBO.

it doesnt really matter if the marks arent at the top, if someone thinks ur compo is the best he or she has ever heard you've succeeded already.

ok thats the thoughts for today after a very think-y day. cya.


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