Tuesday, November 21, 2006

to be honest, i'm just dead tired.

two hours a day already so hard. hai.

8 more days. i just need to gain back my urge to play guitar. its not that i cant play the pieces now, i felt like i've lost my soul.

too much of anything isnt really good. i need some break away from The Four Pieces.

and for the love of dvorak 9th, i think i shall not continue my transcription of a dvorak 9th medley for guitar orch.

or shall i.

anyway i cannot think of anything good to transcribe for guit orch, and have no inspiration to compose. i hope gaspar comes up with something good. anyway was speaking to mr choo, and he thinks its better to play a piece that is managable instead of doing a phenomenal leap to something we cant master. i think double violin is a good piece, but we would need A LOT of practice. playing the notes is not enough.

ok enough. i need to rest.


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