Friday, November 10, 2006

three days. and i've reached the end of double violin concerto in d minor. after approximately 9 hours of practice. i'm glad its not ringing in my head anymore. lol. but of course theres still quite some way to go.. it is, after all a double VIOLIN concerto, obviously not made for guitar with what i'd call 'uneconomic' positions.

and its just 20 more days to atcl and the long practice hours are starting to show through in my pieces, hurray. well mr choo says 2h is the 'bare minimum' for someone taking atcl, he was practising 4 - 6h a day, partly cos he was taking something like his grade 8, perf cert, atcl, and something all together? lol. but at stages like this the pain from the fingers isnt really what causes holes in the music, (besides having nails of inadequate length) if the mind is too tired then it is difficult to pull through too.

anyway next time if i dont go into performance i want to look into composing for the classical guitar, with a harmonic language that can reach out to more people. its not that the pieces i play are not nice or what.. but i feel that something that is in the language of popular music would be able to make classical guitar music easier to relate to, something along the lines of tommy emmanuel, but of course on a different instrument.

but of course only if i dont pursue performance. haha normal musicians seem to be able to pursue only one area in depth, performers arent really composers arent really conductors arent really teachers. except for bach perhaps.

okay thats enough musical talk from me for now haha. no more school till 27th dec!! woohoo.


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