Saturday, November 11, 2006

oh dear.

rainy days arent very good for practising guitar unless you're feeling down and broken and feel a deep need inside to express your sorrow which i currently dont, my body chose to take the afternoon off and have a nice long nap, disengaging the snoozes all the way.

just now's piano lesson was rather interesting, and my piano teacher's really amazing (he taught the rj keagen b4, remember the huanghe piano concerto mvt 1 soloist?) but of course lack of practice makes lessons rather uncomfortable. but today i did show him my first compo that i finished after reading the book on composition, and i did try to play it but of cos i'm no real pianist, i need someone else to play it for me, but then wud that person be able to express the emotion as well? hmm.

well basically he did give me some insightful views on how some of my performance directions didn't really link with the music, but also told me he wasn't in a position to talk about compositions in depth. but he did tell me something at the end that i've felt for quite long.. that even though compositions need to have melody, rhythm, structure and form and all.. it shudnt be so extreme that only a small handful of highly educated musicians and critics can understand u only. sure my music hasnt had such a wide outreach yet, now i just feel the need to touch just one person with each piece of music, every additional person is a bonus.

but at the same time i feel the need for people like tommy emmanuel, or even wang li hong haha. (one has no formal musical training but lots of soul and music from the heart, the other has formal jazz training i think and not scared to incoporate it into his music). to develop my own style, my own language.

when i've got more time. lol.

oh btw if u all are wondering i'll be attempting composition for our 2nd syf piece. havent got much out yet, most is still in my head (thats cos nxt prac is on 27th dec lol). but to not keep u all in such suspense, well i'm thinking along the lines of minimalist, dun worry it'd be fun. my idea is to have different sections where the number of choices of motifs for each guitarist to play varies, like that there'll be structure and form and climax. the motifs are what i need, and i need lots of funky ideas of weird sounds that can be produced on the guitar haha.

yeap. signing off.


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