Thursday, November 30, 2006

IT'S OVER!! and i just know i'm gonna get withdrawal from not practising guitar consistently after today.

having a blog is a good thing, cos you can see what happened for last year's exam with a click of the button. so off i went, in shirt, tie and pants, plus adidas jacket. and indeed the exam centre was cold.

but the exam room itself wasnt. at the end i was sweating.

anyways, today i was as prepared as i could be, letting the learning curve go down a little after one day of rest and then kicking it up again. to my surprise i saw mr azmi (who my guitar teaches) there, taking his grade 2 exam. haha he was quite nervous.

and in the end yingda and mx came!! haha thx for coming manz. altho i got kicked out of a studio cos they dint allow me to warm up in there, -.-, they still let me practise softly outside the exam room. i played through a few studies and through my composition theme and variations on as the deer, which evokes so much emotion, and then it was time to go in (albeit a bit of delay from problems with the examiner's MD player.)

another unlikely area i was prepared in is that i had already seen who my examiner was, saw him yesterday at st anthony's cannosian secondary school when i went to pick up a score from my guitar teacher, and altho him seemed a bit dao ytd, today he didn't remember seeing me yesterday at all and was very nice today. haha.

what i remember is: normal performances of la catedral and recuerdos and capricho arabe, a bit jammed in magic flute, and a slight memory lapse in english suite, and stopping the last chord a little too hard lol. too happy its over already. so once again my conclusion that there is no best performance, if ur prepared enough you dont need luck to pull u through, cos you'd be performing about a mean. and if the examiner gives u a choice where u want to sit, choose a place where u cant see him when you're playing haha.

and the funniest thing was that it was my left arm biceps that cramped today, hold the hand in playing position for too long alr. lol.

acjc band concert tonight. i've watched more band and choir concerts than i have given guitar recitals.

Thank you God.


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