Wednesday, November 22, 2006

after yesterday's post, i'm glad to say that a good rest does help.

today's bowling was absolutely hilarious, and woohoo i got a score of 155 for my first game!! the highest i can remember for quite some time. quite siao lah to go play bowling exactly a wk b4 my atcl but heh just dun need to go swinging 15 pound balls arnd can alr.

after trying a few times to record myself, i can safely say that a perfect recording by your own standards is impossible. every time u play the piece will be different, even by a nuance, by a nanosecond. thats what gives music its human touch that is just not present in computer generated music. besides, i'm sure the guys at the recording studios have some software that can cut up a part of the piece where u made a mistake and paste in a repairment. ok lah thats just a statement to console my playing standards.

k then so to all those people taking music exams, do practise consistently, but its okay to take a break now or then.

preferably no longer than a day. lol.


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