Monday, November 27, 2006

3 days to the exam.

in the past week i've learnt several things. if you practice consistently you are bound to play around an 'average' standard. depending on luck (and length of nails) sometimes a bit better, sometimes not so. so i console myself that i dont need to be nervous during the exam, not that nervousness will help me to suddenly play without wrong notes or what.

piano teacher gave me a suggestion: give a performance once every fortnight.

results i presume would be fantastic. but i'd have to quit sch and soon i'd be growing white hair.

anyways next year i shall be putting music on hold for a while while i give my studies a chance. maybe not so much guitar a wk already.

and all u violinists/cellists out there, if you happen to be playing any bach movements that segovia recorded, go listen, cos i think he's brilliant.

never mind the excessive rubato.


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