Wednesday, October 04, 2006

well then. after econs tml i can come home and collapse and have a good rest.

and then leave my house at 1pm for guitar lesson. hurhur.

chinese was pretty relaxing.. i chose the qn that asks u to write about a term u spent in another school for ur sch newsletter, the differences and similarities, and encourage other students to try it too.

so i just spent the time daydreaming about how it would be like if i went to study in a music university overseas. and the words just came out quite naturally (albeit a bit limited on the vocab, as always) but the good thing was that i didn't have to force out the words.

maths P1 was.. okay lah quite satisfying, like phys P2.. cos i managed to do almost everything. except for the first principles thingy. God has really been providing for me during the papers thus far.. even though before and after each paper i feel like i'm gonna collapse, during the paper itself i push on and on as the questions progress.

well then i hope my brain quickly untunes itself from maths and phys and switches to humanities mode.. most preferably overnight haha. last night and the night before i was dreaming about solving mathematical problems!! argh. theres like an equation in my head and i'm trying to rationalise the equation, but the values keep shifting from the LHS to the RHS and back and... AHH haha siao.

k then. day 3 over.


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