Tuesday, October 24, 2006

today was quite an eventful day.

it feels good to go out when you have energy. something that i have been lacking for the past few weeks. i first went to borders to look for guitar cds, and after half an hour of browsing bought 2 cds - a Segovia Dedication cd, which had english suite on it (not as great as i expected tho) and a naxos cd with norbert kraft playing concerto de aranjuez, and two other concertos by lobos and some guy whose name i cant remember.

and man. i totally agree with john duarte in the cd's commentary that the concerto de aranjuez is the most successful concerto composed in the past century.

after that met brendan and ryan at marina square to catch death note. and of course talking lots of nonsense and raising kbox venue proposals during lunch haha.

and today marks the day where i've watched my first movie this year.

and as someone who doesnt watch movies often, anythings fine, how terrible the movie actually may be. death note is actually quite a meaningless show, the story line reminds me of mathematical axioms o.O. the show also has a demon who can be so freaky and humorous at the same time, and a main character who is ur typical hot jap actor who is as bad as medea. and the show ends in a cliff hanger, come back nxt year for more. lol.

then i went to cut hair.

well had quite a bit of fun today. yay.


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