Thursday, October 26, 2006

today was the last day of sch!! hurraH!!!

well just as i expected, the last 2 days of sch were probably the most tiring of all, especially with yesterday's longggggg ocs visit. but anyway now i have freedom to do a lot more stuff in a day, and not have the constrictions of sch to restrict my sleeping hours and focus of energy.

so as the holidays enter, along comes the major stuff we need to complete, such as EE, TOK... good thing my EE is on music, at least i'd have the interest to actually go get it done. and of course the usual musical pursuits, composition, ATCL.. it'd be fun.

then after that its off to mission trip in phillipines from 6th to 17th dec, and beijing with my family from twenty something to twenty something, then its some random guitar practice from 27th to 29th dec that might prevent me from attending fully my church's youth camp at the end of the year :(

and we'd all be J2 already.

and speaking of guitar practice, theres gonna be a major revamp for acsi guitar orch. new teachers, perhaps new learning styles, with the introduction of solo guitar playing back into the orchestra programme, which i'm in great support of. and if rumours are true that Y1 - Y4 can only participate in sec sch cad and Y5 & 6 in JC cad, then.. well if theres a will theres a way i guess (including planting some people on stage who cant even play guitar at all just so that we'd meet the minimum number of people required to enter). nxt year will be a blast, and i'd do all i can as 'Senior Student Conductor' (lol) to get the guit orch to as high an ability level as possible.

and after letting the guit orch try my arrangement of danza brasilera today, i'm pleased to say that i've completed my first good guitar orch transcription!! woohoo i feel overjoyed. i REALLY hope they like the piece.. it sounds not bad already.


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