Monday, October 23, 2006

today i shall attempt to blog in points

1) i really should get a good night's rest.
2) i want to learn basic compositional technique
3) tommy emmanuel is pro.
4) his music is simple, but its the amount of emotion he puts into his playing
5) and his incredible ability to improvise
6) even when he has no formal musical training
7) which makes people like me have mixed feelings
8) the esplanade library is a hazard to use.
9) the more i learn the more i realise i dont know
10) the future for me is uncertain
11) army is drawing near.
12) and i need to train my 2.4
13) that means uni is getting nearer too
14) who knows where i'd go.
15) but its nice to trust in God because he has a purpose for all of us
16) but my personal desires may not always be in line with God's purpose for me
17) so i shall pray more.
18) human desire is part of us but with it comes a whole bundle of problems.
19) lubricant for the left hand such as vaseline or facial oil is beneficial when playing the 3rd movement of la catedral so as to prevent friction burns
20) and i need a lottttttt more stamina to play la catedral
21) the harmonic language is a mystery to me

okay next time i shall just go back to blogging in prose. too many points already


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