Wednesday, October 11, 2006


its all over. but the end isnt as sweet.. the end of last thursday was sweeter haha.

music was quite okay. i spent quite a while cramming in all the bartok and world music stuff.. and i guess it paid off. the music exam was really fun.. we all had to bring cd players cos the exam tracks are on the cd (u get to play them over and over again. haha but u onli have abt half an hour per track) and my awesome cd player i loaned from ziqiang cant work if it ain't plugged in. so i got to sit nxt to a socket point hahaha, amidst a comment by mrs li that i was lucky it wasn't raining today. lol.

after music we went to vivocity.. AND.. aiyah dun go lah. so crowded.. plus shops also not say veri good (well at least not those on the 2nd floor which we walked through) and now harbourfront's going to be terribly crowded because theres nothing to eat at vivocity except for carl's jr, which was probably terribly crowded too, not to mention the building looks like our school in the early stages of construction. walk down a corridor and u see shop posters being put up, goods being shipped in, and u go up to the top floor and theres construction work going on. but had great fun hanging out with chris, bryan, justin, fattz, and mingz and just talking nonsense at pastamania. hmm there aren't a lot of nice places to visit in singapore.. which are truly quiet and serene. maybe the airport.. but the travelling time spoils everything haha.

so what am i going to do after the exams? haha my life after exams and when i dun have exams doesnt really differ much. as long as i've got free time i just spend time on music, music and music. and yeap most of my hol assignments are music based anyway. and i will try to complete it in november so my dec would be free. and guit orch get ready, i've already got a new transcription coming.. danza brasilera, and i'm sure it'd be nice, only difficulty would probably all the syncopation.. but u all like syncopated and samba-ish stuff right? so dun give me that 'prelude in Gm sux' and 'when you say nothing at all is so out of point' which maybe it really is lah, but it sure takes a heck lot of effort to do.. so pls be a bit more sensitive. now i know what ms ng feels like when she did transcriptions for us. and from a guitarist too. haha.

and of course plans of composition to stun and of course the 'double-bass' concerto.. which of course would require lots of work. but wud be fun.

k then!! enjoy ur freedom. or whatever little amount of it.


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