Saturday, October 07, 2006

oh i realised i havent blogged since econs paper ended on thurs.

and the end of econs meant partial freedom for me. well life has returned to more or less normal.. econs wasnt too hard.. but i few extra definitions like PPP could have been useful in my mind.

yeap but i'm not letting up yet.. i dont want to go into maths P2 and have my mind suddenly go blank. and of course theres music.. which i dun really mind studying for.

haha today i had piano lesson and i asked my teacher whether there were any managable rachmaninoff pieces and he told me either G minor or C# minor. lol. if i had the time i might go try to learn.. and maybe if i dint keep nails it wud be a whole lot easier. rarr sometimes i wish my piano were better. but then again. haha.

haha u know i think sometimes there really isnt much difference during normal school term and the period after exams.. my 'playing' doesnt involve com games or anything of the sort.. it just means more time to listen to, play, and compose music. which of course is fun to me. some life i have. haha.

anyways, anyone wants to go out after music on wed? i feel like going to the new vivocity place at harbourfront. haha.


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