Monday, October 02, 2006

hoohoo the exams have begun. and the beginning of the exams signifies the end of a long bout of studying, with which i'm overjoyed.

my friend once told me that for any exam, there is an average mark you are capable of, and with some luck (or bad luck) u fall slightly above or below the mark, of course having studied to the max and prepared all u can. so i was thinking too that exams are like a performance. of course of i really did treat exams as a performance, that one hour i spend everyday practising guitar would be spent revising the day's work.. which means that when it comes to exams i wudnt need to study anymore already.

but of course that isn't the case. so 99% of the population of students has to 'chiong' when it comes closer to the exams.. cos hey, if there are no exams study for what? and these 3 wks chionging is what i've been doing.

as the performance day draws nearer, especially closer to the day itself, i stop practising so much, cos practising too much makes my fingers tired. similarly, i don't want to cram anymore data or new stuff which i haven't learnt the day before the exam. the day before the performance should be spent preparing the nail shapes, going through the piece once or twice and getting enough rest so that i'll be prepared before the performance.

today's english was a rather forgettable experience.. i guess i'd be scoring within the 16+ range.. anything above 19 would be a bonus.

well i've tried an RJ promos mcq paper just now.. and their mcq qns are like section B qns for us. haha i guess A lvl physics is a lot harder than IB HL physics. anyway i'm done with studying for today.. i want to be able to sleep tonight.

k then. cya.


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