Saturday, October 14, 2006


today i'd like to blog about an article i read in the straits times today by tan seow hon.. its on page S17, review, titled 'True love? Look no further than friendship'. yeap it basically talks about how love has become overrated in our society, and yeap how the first thing that comes to people's minds when they hear the words true love is romantic love. but the writer of the article suggests a different type of true love, which is that of strong friendship.

one of the things the writer mentioned was that "We do not share our deepest secrets with our business associates; we may eat a satisfying burger with an acquaintance, but it is with our best friend that we think of sharing with great relish the description of our discovery os something mundane like delicious food." and i think thats quite true, considering i talk the most and do the most out of point things when i'm with my closest friends :D

so perhaps while i'm not so gifted in the area of romantic love, (eheh) if true love is having rock solid friendships, then i've definitely experienced it already. i think the friendships i wud have made in acs wud last me for quite some time.

buargh and tagboard has mutated into some dunno what cPanel thing.. dunno if it is a scam to get u to reveal ur password or what.. haha i have a good mind to dump the tagboard again. haha

yeap thats my thoughts for the day. cya.


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