Saturday, September 30, 2006

well then. its just a mere day left before the FYs.

i've kind of accepted the amount i've attempted to study over the past 3 wks.. phys is more or less done, any more practice will be surplus.. maths is on the verge of completion and theres tml to memorise every single thing i can about econs before the week begins, and also read through the chinese newspapers just to get my brain tuned to chinese. on a free day like this i only managed to study 2h. but somehow that 2h seemed massive, and now i feel absolutely exhausted.

i thank God for helping me to organise my time relatively well. its been a crazy 3 wks of lack of sleep and sheer lethargy. im too tired now even to hold a proper conversation with people. i feel tired, antisocial, and kinda lonely. but i do have my music to keep me company. if onli we spoke to each other with music.

yeap well. at least im not really worried already. if i dun finish studying then so be it lah. i rather have the energy to sit through the exam and apply a bit of creativity that may be needed (especially for PHYSICS), rather than study until my brain dies and go into the exam with a dead brain. haha.

k then cya all. dun daydream too much about what you will do after the exams haha.


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