Thursday, September 14, 2006

music is the most retarded subject.


but its still my favourite subject.

takes a whole lot of consistency, and passion to toil and deal with the somewhat unreasonableness of the subject.

but of cos i see some loopholes here and there, where u can push ur presence and play around with the rules without actually getting into trouble.

today's perf was quite okay even though some connecting parts to my piece were like.. improvised lol. but for a piece that i've been playing for about a month, not bad already. so from now on whenever he wants us to record something or play a piece or what, im just gonna change piece if its not ready. and nxt year focus on what i really want to be in my IB repertoire.

ah i cant wait for the exams to end. i have great plans.. for music HL compo 3.. muhahaha.

but for now, time is short. gotta be consistent.



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