Sunday, September 03, 2006

i've been happily letting my blog rust.. cos theres nothing much to blog about anyway haha.

but just to update once in a while.

i think having a 1 wk hol in the middle of no where still rocks.. cos i can just sleep.

and sleep.

and sleep.

im becoming a pig.

and i think im becoming even more tired cos i sleep too much.

but i dun care. :)

i have many plans, many plans.

to sleep.

we are always worrying about things that are to come. or thinking of things past. but it really has no use. imagine if u cud really add 18 inches to your height by worrying. we people in singapore wud be taller than the twin petronas towers before we reach 14. so maybe we should just think about today.

oh and i'm like totally addicted to the 2nd movement of beethoven's pathetique. i think beethoven just has this amazing ability to control all the elements of music composition.. fantastic melodies, amazing harmonies, balanced rhythms, structure, good development...

but in order to be the best you have to be crazy? to lose your mind?

perhaps i'll just continue living a normal life and happily listen in awe to beethoven's works.

and feel nice and small.


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