Wednesday, September 27, 2006


life's been a whirlwind this week, a whirlwind of physics, maths, and a bit of econs. i shall not elaborate about the encounters with these subjects, but can safely conclude that it gets to your head after a while.

dint practice guitar today, dunno why. i think i'll be letting up on guitar for about a wk, until the first half of my papers come to a close, and when i get new strings. i have NEVER used the same set of bass strings for so long.. they're all black, rusty, and dead-sounding. eww.

u noe really great music in my opinion, doesnt need to have the most complex of structures, complex melodies, complex harmonies or melodies.. its often the most simple that are the most beautiful, the most moving. today in our music (free period) class, yofattz was improvising something on the piano and then suddenly the 2nd theme from dvoark's 9th 2nd mvt came to my head. ahh i really admire composers who use tonal harmonies, simple melodies, but use a great extent of tone colour to bring out different emotions. if onli we people at acs had the symphony of players to experiment with and to write music for, instead of being restricted to piano, string quartets (and guitars).

if i had a chance to do an in-depth study of music from a certain period i think i'd do a study on romantic composers, or more tonal nationalistic people. one of the reasons is that i dun really comprehend the structures or compositional styles which really intrigues me, and also their music breaks away from the slightly formulatic classical and baroque periods, but isnt too 'political statement-ish' like some 20th century composers.

well then thats abt all for now i guess.. cya


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