Friday, September 22, 2006

finally, chen yi's back after a week of no blogging. or rather 4 days if u dun count today.

many things have happened, but not much really worth blogging about. i've allotted the 8 - 9pm slot of every weekday to solid studying, may not sound like a lot but i really do hope the power i put in within that one hour is powerful enough so that i can pull through the final years. (my brain dies after that hour anyway)

the stakes are really high, my phys maths chi econs are 100% for final years becos of the shingles bout i had during the cts, BUT this time round im STILL NOT WORRIED YET. and maybe thats a good thing. not becos i'm really on task with my revision, but because i have trust that God will help me manage my time well, as time management is really the key.

school has been well, tiring, after all im someone who can sleep for 10 hours during the night during holidays and can still afford to take an afternoon nap in the day.. and still feel tired haha. so its quite amazing that i survived the week with less than 7h of sleep a day and yet NOT PONNING ANY DAY. (and not falling sick too.. hope my health sustains, i better rest well). tml i intend to go and change my watch strap for my adidas watch. my current brown leather strap has like some black mould growing on it and smells terribly bad haha.

i realise that one of two things happen to me when im feeling tired:
1) i'll become very quiet and deep down inside i wonder why im so quiet and why people dun talk to me and why im like so anti-social
2) lose quite a bit of my self-consiousness and almost become extraverted, slightly essentric and do and say silly things. result of crankiness. haha.

and both these things happened to me today haha.

dr joyce koh's workshop was quite informative, i like her personality but i really wish she cud compose some tonal stuff. all the compositions from the other schs were superb, really. they all had some long long story behind how it was composed, and they composed 20th century stuff that sorta made sense. me? i just sit in front of my com and play around with sibelius until it sounds nice. but of course for guitar stuff i do my best to try it out first, so that it isn't unplayable.

the world of music is so large, so many possibilities, so much competition, everyone seems to want to share their ideas, and i just feel so small. the way im shaping my compositions now is changing again, i think the music i compose should touch people's lives. really lah, sometimes i dun see the point of some 20th century or atonal or whatever terrible sounding works.. sometimes its so hard to appreciate.

well something to think about i guess. k then, take care, cya.


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