Thursday, September 28, 2006

400th post!!

haha guess what.. this is my 400th post on this blog!!!

beat that haha.

anyway lately i've been searching the internet for potential music unis. the process is quite tedious.. first it requires me to look for
1) university that offers performance in (or at least as an applied instrument) guitar.
2) preferably has a guitar ensemble. classical one.
3) found the uni. great. now where in the world is it. i cant tell by the name of the uni alone. but the 3 i've found so far all in the US.
4) check uni admission criteria, audition criteria blah blah
5) check course data
6) lastly but quite importantly, financial aid.

was also reading through an article on something along the lines of 'so you want to be a music major?' and i realised that what i'm lacking now is,
1) the ability to practice properly on the guitar. i dunno if its just me, but i dun really like technique. but the site says that doing technical practice is like the basis for good performance. rarr. i better revise scales too (mr choo thinks practising scales on the guitar is good only for exams, unless it constitutes part of an ultra fast part of a piece that ur performing)
2) it wud be nice if i cud play the piano better.
3) it wud be nice too if i cud sight read better.
4) i need to learn how to use my voice.
5) it wud be nice to develop perfect pitch to an interval. or better still, being able to sing a major/minor/diminished/augmented triad in tune.
6) and wudnt it be nice to have such powerful aural ability that u cud notate an entire symphony just after u've heard it, like the tien cai mozart.

well theres a lot i want to do haha. will take some time, and really, i dunno what God holds for my future. for all i know i wud find myself studying engineering, and music takes its place in my personal statement only.

haha anyway, congrats to ian, matthew and.. andre. haha. great job guys. better maintain for o lvls arh. haha.


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