Monday, August 28, 2006

well the weekend is over and its back to sch for the last wk b4 hols start on friday.

yesterday evening in church i gave my 2nd sermon ever, if you want to know what it was about you can go to

well and its back to the somewhat monotonous sch life again. the reality is that we youths run, but still grow weary, and when i asked God to help me with the sermon, he really granted me strength in my weakness, so that he may be glorified.

sometimes i realise how inadequate a person i am, and sometimes how little depth there is to my character.. after all i havent been through many life changing challenges. just small ones. small ones that i hope have inspired some.

and i guess what yingda says about wavelengths in thinking is quite true sometimes. now i'm starting to feel like my wavelengths are becoming too much like that of the music my guitar makes. sometimes i wish i was on a wavelength that was slightly easier to connect to.

but then again i dont want to force a change into my personality.

ah wells. if you do have time do look through my sermon outline. perhaps it may stand out from other things that you've read or heard elsewhere and what not. depends on how well you know me.


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