Wednesday, August 23, 2006

just had guitar lesson again, and theres mixed feelings.

somehow i think that now i shud divide my pieces into 2 categories, the first one being 'sacred', not allowed to anyhow play, not allowed to play when slacking in class, only play for performances, only played when sitting properly, only allowed to be played in a high level, classical, (stuck up, onli musically educated can understand) manner.

the 2nd category being open to all allowances, including playing with the fretboard upside down, with the guitar behind the head, with the guitar plugged into an amp with distortion, etc.

maybe my mind just doesnt enjoy working pieces to such perfection and not being able to reproduce it on a real performance. theres a part of me screaming I JUST WANT TO DO IT MY WAY, and my way often sux, cos the rhythms wrong, the dynamics are screwed up, and theres no phrasing in particular.

the demands of the ATCL exam are high, and i dont want to do badly, especially when it costs 64.5% of the IB dip fees to take the ATCL. all my ATCL pieces are now hereby, 'sacred'. hmph.

but doesnt mean i dont enjoy them, i still do. haha.


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