Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i dunno but the weather's almost been driving me up the wall lately.

came back feeling like i was going to fall sick any minute cos i walked in the rain, cos which acs guy uses an umbrella right. lol nxt time if im sick im just gonna use my umbrella to get me to the bus stop dry anyway.

took a nap and then woke up sweating all over.. took a bath and then my guitar teacher came. wasnt feeling quite right already and rather cranky. and when im cranky i play in the most amazing way, cos im not so self conscious anymore. i thoroughly enjoyed today's lesson cos it was pouring outside and that means my mistakes weren't that clear ^^ had to time how long i took to play through several of my ATCL pieces, and by the end of the lesson i cudnt feel my fingertips anymore. and it was also super funny, the part when i ended the last bar of english suite and the thunder rumbled loudly at the end. ohh scary. haha.

gave my guitar teacher his 3rd anniversary of teacher's day present - chocolate. haha nxt yr i think i shall put much more thought into it.. probably compose or arrange a piece. and probably for ms ng too. haha feeling quite bad that i dun really have the time to do stuff for teachers day this year. nxt yr definitely must, especially for all the ex .15 teachers.

i recorded myself playing this funky emo LTCL piece called danza in e minor. its so nice i cud listen to myself playing it over and over. lol.


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