Friday, August 04, 2006

ARGH my eyes

just came back not too long ago after a massive 3h check-up at singapore eye centre. found out that nothing is seriously wrong with me, just that my eyes have poor accomodation (cant focus well). my degree and all is actually stable at 650 and 600, but astigmatism went up. ah well. my parents are considering boycotting spectacle hut at clementi. lol.

during the check-up i had to dilate my eyes.. so now i cant really read properly.. i can just barely make out the words on the computer screen. and just now i cudnt even stand mildly bright sunlight. lol. one of my greatest fears is to lose my sense of sight (or hearing).. cos that means an end to many things.

so take care of your eyes.. they're really valuable.


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