Monday, August 14, 2006

after toiling away at my self-composed Guitar Concerto No. 1 in C 'Hommage a Vivaldi' for some time, i have half a mind to give it another name (after my chinese name, translated into english,) 'Determination', cos, man, u do need a lot of it to play it. the tonality is so simple, c major. the notes are so simple, not much of flats or sharps. BUT MAN, the technical ability needed. buargh. u have to love this piece to learn it well. the problem is, how often do u love ur own compositions man.

headache headache.

so the fate of our year 5 concert is yet to be decided.. faster leh lol. tentatively its next friday 25/8 at arnd 5pm, old cpa, free admission, but our preparations for it are, rather sluggish. haha.

maybe some day trinity college of london may consider my concerto for standard ATCL repertoire. or LTCL. lol.


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