Tuesday, August 22, 2006

after seeing everyone else's math portfolios, i dun think i will get my 15 after all.

i see people adding so much stuff. i hear of 55 page reports. i see things that i cud have added. i wish my work were clearer. and i just dont want to do anything. so what if i saw someone's work where i cud have koped an idea from and added it to my portfolio? but im not that type of person. the disclaimer says its my own work. and i dunno how to fully utilise the features of excel and wadeva graphing software. i feel terrible.

but how much of our work is our own anyway.

im just really tired already, even tho i think the amt of work i've covered isnt really that much. theres still iop on thurs, and even tho i'm more or less got 75% of it done i cant help but worry about it... i dun even feel like playing guitar tonight.

at times like this i just feel like the most no-life person, as if i am a very exuberant or vibrant person anyway. sometimes i wonder why i cant be vibrant or exuberant.

and casting all these feelings into some trough at the back of my head just doesnt help.. it turns me into a person with even less feelings.

i'm going to sleep early tonight.

on a lighter note, we played thru my arrangement of sch anthem today and it SUCKED big time, but the bass part rocks ur socks down. maybe getting 5 of the 6 guitar parts to play mainly on bass strings isnt such a good idea, and i'm not really looking forward to it being premiered at a sch chapel soon, needs some revision haha. even so it was great fun, i was laughing like siao when we got through it the first time.

and andre asked me what 'rasg.' meant and i told him rasgueado, in other words STRUM LIKE MAD. hahahaha. a bit more revisions and we're ready to take the sch by storm. if they can even sing along to us without breaking down in laughter first. lolol.


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