Friday, August 25, 2006

after multiple attempts to access blogger, i've finally got to the posting page, and its still lagging like siao, hope it doesnt jam while im typing the entry lol.

well what can i say.

it really doesnt matter if u dun produce all the notes on stage. who cares if u messed up.. only a musically trained audience would know WHAT. and i've messed up so much i've kinda gotten used to it alr.

its about the long hours spent rehearsing together. all the shouting and the disorganisation. and it always seems like such a miracle when the performances pulls through in one piece.

hope you all have been inspired as much as i have, that my example of someone who is so quiet, shy and doesnt talk a lot, can have enough nerve in a given situation to make a significant change. all this of course through God's grace, this change didnt come cheap. and of cos oweing this opening up of personality partly to a certain great friend from sec 2, sorry i cudnt go out for supper with you after the concert, but we have every excuse to during the 1 wk break cos a special day is coming for somebody. im definitely a changed person after this experience, and this is definitely one performance i will never forget. one that when im reminiscing about my jc days that i will look back and smile an indescribable warm smile inside.

thx for everything, music HL class.

and thanks all who came, for the flowers as well :)

for all you guitar people who ponned this concert, you've missed out on something great, especially a powerful moment at the end, that you all have been longing so long to see. nxt yr try not to ponn so much lolol.

Matthew 6:21 - 'For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.'

wheres yours?


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