Friday, July 14, 2006

went back to sch today for music exam. decided to treat it more as a fun thing rather than an exam.. that way can take it with less stress haha.

indeed it is weird to go back to sch after 7 days of resting. its nice to be able to wake up every morning over the past few days and experience the morning and reflecting instead of worrying what periods there are on that day and sitting couped up in class where u feel only the aircon and see only the whiteboard and worksheets.

music exam was okay.. but was really pooped after the paper.. cos i havent pushed myself to think so hard in a wk haha. was rushing the bartok qn at the end. and this time i made sure i didnt listen to the extracts overand over and over again until i went nuts. haha. 'Unsquare dance' was so funny lah. with its 2+2+3/8 meter. and corny lyrics.. 'asymmetrically swing your partner around' and 'too bad if you fall on the floor'.. haha of cos u will fall if u danced to that weird meter. hahahah.

my shingles are STILL not completely gone.. so i came back to sleep haha. gonna spend the rest of the wkend resting. yeap tts all for now. cya.


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