Sunday, July 30, 2006

well what can i say. i think chamber did a great job last night with their concert, even tho the audi was a bit too big for good projection, and who cares if u all made mistakes. as long as u connected with the audience its great. and the amount of effort put in too.

just makes me long for a guitar concert... too bad there doesnt look like theres one this year. the closest u will get is a free public performance at far east plaza on 8 sept or a 5 - 6 minute performance of me during year 5 concert ;) but when the time comes, we're gonna bring the house down. just u all wait lol. i think by next year our repertoire shud be so wide that we wud be able to put up a full fledged concert. maybe when inspiration strikes me i shall go spam some notes on sibelius.

and the guitar orch is gonna get to play the sch anthem soon. i just cant think of an appropriate electric guitar and electric bass solo for the intro and coda, so i guess i will leave that open to the soloists themselves to improvise ;)

and we'll see if guitar orchestra is remembered to be acknowledged. hmph.

go ian! start adding guitar parts to more of the haven pieces. haha.


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