Tuesday, July 04, 2006

wah buay tahan. its 9+ but it feels like 1am in the morning.

sleeping less than 6h at night is no joke. DONT. but thats whats gonna happen on thursday night. i really wonder if i shud carry on with the weird sleeping pattern regime.. maybe shudnt. we'll see. but for now.. i cant do ANY work, and i just want to sleep. waiting for my chinese tea to cool so i can drink it and sleep. tonight sure sleep until super 'song'.

was thinking about the 20 pple who inspired me most in my life.. and i found i cudnt count off 20 people who truly inspired me. so sad haha. but they're mostly my older church friends who i admire, my parents, true close sch frens, not forgetting my guitar teacher, and some others. shall not post it :P

ok then.. its off to bed now i guess. cya.


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