Sunday, July 02, 2006


my sleep patterns are adjusting dangerously to the exam period and i think it will kind of become like last year.. wake up at 6:20am every morning, sit for the papers, come back at arnd 12 or 1 and nap for like 2h. study study, at night cannot sleep until 12+ and repeat cycle.

but this year theres a problem. my sleep patterns are already like that even before the exam has started.. theres still tuesday and wednesday to conquer with my 6h-at-night sleep patterns. oh dear haha.

the feeling during exam period is really really one of a kind. even tho i onli study for about 1 - 2h a day (which is a lot to me lol) my brain feels exhausted, i almost dun even feel like playing guitar (but once u start u cant stop, for at least an hour). my brain is so cramp full that thoughts are sweeping everywhere.. and its really terrible cos my brain is so clogged i cant control what i think.. which is bad cos i think a lot.. and i think u see where this is going.

my brain is just going round and round in circles.

filling it with more stuff sometimes isnt a better option.

its good to take a walk sometimes. just to try to clear it a bit. if onli it wasnt so humid outside. lol.

and my sis blasts her music downstairs like 24-7. silence at home is truly heavenly, which is almost like never. i dun mind music, but overhearing music sometimes becomes noise. and it doesnt help that my sis listens to the same song 6.0 x 10^23 times a day.

oh and u noe i was thinking, maybe the reason why my brain cant study more than 3h a day when im at home is prob cos theres like, increasing opportunity cost with more i study.. the more extra stuff i want to cramp in, something else like health or sanity is gonna be compromised. maybe the latter currently is now. lol.

ok enuf. i want to go OUTTTT!! lol. cya.


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