Monday, July 31, 2006

u noe, i think singaporeans really shud be happier. is life in singapore that dismal.

i have enough with 'school sucks' and 'why am i in ib', or 'so-and-so teacher is lousy, lesson so boring' etc etc. u noe what it doesnt really matter if a teacher cant teach or what. as long as he can hold your attention for the lesson time thats all im looking for. and so what if u have a lot of homework.. i also have what. life is very fair one. and just now my maid was uttering this complaint under her breath about how i make tea to drink at night. urh.. its this sleepy tea from lijiang i bought. whats wrong with making tea at night? not like my tea is going to kill u or what. and my sis is forever throwing tantrums around the house. sigh.

see lah now im complaining too. lol.

went for a seminar on scholarships on saturday afternoon and this guy was talking about how singapore ranked 131 in a survey of happiness and no. 1 being people who live on this island called Vanuatu. hahaha. maybe we shud just sell all our stuff in singapore and go live on some deserted island. maybe then we'd be happy.

haha this is ultra funny, got this off a website declaring nigerians as the happiest people in the world:
Genetic propensity to happiness
Make friends and value them
Desire less
Do someone a good turn
Have faith (religious or not)
Stop comparing your looks with others
Earn more money
Grow old gracefully
Don't worry if you're not a genius

the onli point i disagree with is Earn more money. lolol.


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