Saturday, July 22, 2006


hmm after my 3rd or 4th piano class with my new teacher, i feel kinda disappointed that i 1) dun have the time to practice piano 2) keep fingernails so i cant play piano properly 3) dun have a proper acoustic piano to practice properly.

but guitar is my 'first love' and i'm dedicating more time to it.. so piano would have to go with about an hour of practice a wk until maybe after or during army when my fingernails are gone.

leaving the house at 12:40 later for vch, where i will spend the rest of my saturday, waiting and talking nonsense with my guitar trio members for like 8 hours, and spend about 5 minutes actually performing. well reality is like that, but i'm cherishing this opportunity to play during mep concert, cos it doesnt come often and we're representing not only acsi but also acs guitar. so i WILL NOT LET TECHNICAL PROBLEMS like mikes ruin an otherwise ok performance. haha. we tried yesterday with mikes and we dint point them at the correct places and the sound was terrible. really hope to get a chance to test the mikes again later b4 the performance.

k then tts all for now. cya.


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