Thursday, July 27, 2006

oh no my blog is collecting cobwebs already.

u noe sometimes its just so hard when the day is really sooooo mundane that u have nothing to blog about.

sch today was terribly slack, i went to sch for australian maths competition, charity cafe, pe, and to hear 2 mock iops. and guitar of course. haven is taking people away from classes and the teachers cant really do much. ah well.

and theres not going to be much real music lessons during the next wk leading up to haven. :( no matter how out of point or tiring music lessons can get at times, its the subject that sometimes really keeps me alive in sch.

today guitar was really comical. my guitar teacher who was teaching the sec 1s was like high or something and joking around like siao. and the best thing.. he taught them how to sing 'the more we get together' while strumming an E chord and B7 chord on the guitar. absolutely hilarious.

sometimes its just the small things.


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