Thursday, July 13, 2006

mc day 7

well my mini holiday is coming to an end.. but the shingles arent gone yet. looks like it will be taking a while more to disappear completely.

today my guit teacher kindly came to my house again cos i cant really go out. i'm playing for a non-competitive competition in the advanced string category this sunday organised by trinity college links in singapore i think. it used to be competitive but they didnt have enough competitors for it to be competitive. so they made it non-competitive which means you just compete but theres no prize money. for fun. participants will still be awarded either a gold, silver, bronze or COP. gold and silver recepients to perform during finals on 29 july. haha.

i'll be playing English Suite mvt I and La Catedral mvts I and II. almost wanted to play the siao fast 3rd mvt but after some persuasion that the 1st and 2nd had more 'music', i stuck to my initial option. and today my guitar teacher said that i have a chance to pass the diploma exam. lol! pass rate is smth like 20% for these type of dips. lol. he said in the past passing mark used to be 70 and his score was 74. now pass mark is 50 and dist is 75. hahaha. so now he wud be one mark short of a dist. lol.

ok then. shall be resting all the way into the weekend and maybe do a bit of iop or smth. but must not plan too much hahaha. even tho i think i will feel weird when i go back to sch.. well i guess life wud just continue as per normal. whatever normal is. haha.


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