Monday, July 17, 2006

left sch early for mep concert rehearsal at vch.. too bad they werent really doing anything for the first hour.. i shudnt miss so much sch anymore haha.

we havent practiced our guitar trio piece for really long.. lucky it sounded okay today. i like vch for its acoustics, tho we guitars are usually a bit soft. but i think with miking on the actual day, it shud sound good.

the whole thing ended quite late.. cos we had to stay back for a debrief.. but it was worth it cos we heard the mep orch play the huang he piano concerto.. like totally wow lah. the soloists are really amazing.. and the string section is quite good too. if only the woodwinds and brasses were as powerful.. haha no offence ying da. haha got to see him today too.

well today during chapel i cudnt help but notice that guitar was not acknowledged during the announcement of ccas involved in haven. sure we're only sending 4 guitarists, but a word of acknowledgement along with the rest of the ccas wud be nice. i cudnt help but feel a bit down for the guitar group as a whole.. i'm sure others from the guitar did too. but ah well. one day i'll arrange the sch anthem in guitar orch configuration.. perhaps with an electric guitar solo part to make it a mini concerto. heh. maybe then people will really remember guitar as one of the main music ccas. like it isnt already.

tml the guit orch will get 2 new pieces, that i think will really test the orch both technically and in terms of group coordination too. hope they like it haha.

and it turns out that Deluge, who is representing acsi at battle of the bands finals, comprises of several members of the guitar orch. congrats to them, all the best.


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