Thursday, July 06, 2006

just got an update.. that monday has been declared a HOLIDAY?!? in lieu of world cup finals... which i noe nuts about and dun care about anyway. which means 1 more day to study econs physics and music. but also means DELAYED FREEDOM, like our freedom wasnt delayed enough ALREADY. music on saturday? u gotta be kidding. lol.

today's english was ok i guess.. but i only had like half a phrase talking about african slaves in my commentary while other pple's commentaries named it like the subject matter or something. okay i will probably suffer in the area of interpretation but i dun think my analysis was that bad.. lowest i will get would be 16/25 i guess.. with a bit of luck higher. anyway my feelings to todays paper are: its over, so its over.

tml is chinese and maths, and my head is going to explode (as usual). nothing more to say.

lately there has been some hoo hah over dunno wad guitar vs chamber.. well my take on this is that it has to stop.. for the sake of music. in the first place, how can guitar even be compared to chamber? comparing a guitar to a violin, a viola or a cello (or even a piano) is like comparing your ankle sock to his cap, with disasterous results. suzuki method says musicians should cooperate.. and i agree.. even tho a bit of friendly competition is okay, but not too much.

since my closest band friends have left for acjc, and fellow true guitar player left for vj, in mep class i mostly spend time with friends from chamber, and i think they're great pple. one of the aims of my compositions is to unite players, first compo for flute, violin, guitar cello and second a guitar concerto with string ensemble accompaniment (3rd for electric guitar and trumpet? :P). yes we all well know the state of the mep department now, but ahh wells.. music education is more than that.

yeap so in all, friendship and the spirit of musicianship is more important than just mere systems and shortcomings.

with the promising comeback of spirit in the guitar orchestra, in the midst of the exams o.O im composing a new piece for them, (and its quite promising too :P), a random composition made up purely of natural harmonics. i want it to be a short one, and just have the audience go 'what was that?' at the end of its performance. but this is really quite experimental and requires quite a high level of skill in terms of coordination (and also in being able to play fourth fret harmonics :P) yeah so i hope that they will like my compo.

for now.. i think i shall stone a while first before commencing maths.. lolz.

oh oh!! and next tuesday will be the 2nd anniversary of my blog!! cool.


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