Sunday, July 16, 2006


today's competition.. or rather 'competition' was.. well rather disappointing.

the whole set up was well.. not the best of performance settings. cold, no warm up.. enough to get u nervous and shaking. plus the hall we were playing in the acoustics werent made for guitar playing, and they dint give us mike, so i think we couldnt be heard effectively beyond the first row.

well typical average performance i guess. haha mr choo says we shud take less time to tune. and joshua lim super champion.. turn up for competition in his signature black shirt, berms and sandals. like LOL lah. but i think his tango en skai was quite ok. but like wise the projection factor just spoils it all.

there was one other 'competitor' in our segment, a violinist who looked as if she had already completed her ATCL or something. she was awarded a bronze, while me and joshua were awarded certificates of participation.

1) dun take so long to tune
2) dun use strings that u've nvr used b4 for a competition
3) the audience makes quite a big difference to a performance.. this audience was small, and a bit cold.. nvr clap after the first piece, only clap at the end of the perf. and performing to music HL class, and complete strangers is totally different.
4) if possible, DO try to warm up b4 a performance
5) for guitars get a mike if the place is too big and u cant project
6) they need to invent on the spot hand warming devices
7) i want a new guitar lol.

ah well. the bus ride back was more draining than the competition itself. enough said then. i'm going to go console myself by playing guitar again later. haha.


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